Hot Corn Dip

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One of my favorite dips to make during football season is this corn dip. I got the recipe a few years ago and it’s become a staple in our house. When someone tries it for the first time, they can’t leave without getting the recipe; it’s that addicting. The key ingredients are corn, cheese and chipotle peppers. You can adjust the heat level by adding or subtracting the amount of chipotle peppers. Personally, I love a lot of chipotle peppers, it gives it a great zing. You can also change up the amount of cheese. I’ve made it with more of the montery jack than the chedder and it’s worked out great. The addition of fresh ingredients at the end of baking, rounds out a perfect party dip.

Hot Corn Dip:

  • 2 cups shredded chedder cheese
  • 1 cup shredded Montery Jack
  • 2 tbs chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, diced small
  • 1 small can (4oz) diced green chilies, undrained
  • 1/2 cup Mayo
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 11oz can of corn, drained
  • 1 small tomato
  • 2 tbs cilantro, chopped
  • 2 tbs green onions, sliced thin
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix the cheeses, chiptole and green peppers, mayo, garlic powder and corn together. Pour into an oven safe dish.
  3. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown and bubbly
  4. Top with diced tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro. Serve immediately with tortilla chips.

132 thoughts on “Hot Corn Dip

  1. I made it for a family gathering. I thought it might be spicy, but it wasn’t overboard. It has a nice smoky flavor. We ate it with corn chips. Even the kids liked it. YUM!

    • I think putting in a crock pot would work just fine. What I would recommend is to serve the tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro on the side. People could then add the fresh ingredients to their plate and use as much as they would like. Have fun at your party!

    • It would change the consistency a bit but it might be ok. Do you like yogurt or even cottage cheese? I am thinking Greek yogurt might be a really nice substitute or even processing cottage cheese in a blender to thin it out could work too. Let me know what you end up doing, I’ll be very curious to see how any of those turns out.

      • I made this last night for a game night…sooo yummy. Substituted sour cream for the mayo. When I make this again, I’ll add a tad extra (maybe 2/3c. instead of 1/2c.) sour cream to make it a bit creamier. But it was great.

  2. This looks so good and I would like to make it but wasn’t sure what kind of mayo to use because that can make a huge difference. Do you mind telling me what you used? Also having a hard time finding the chipotle chilis in adobo sauce!

    • I use Hellmann’s mayo. Have you tried looking at your local Walmart for the chipotle chilis? I’ve always seen them there, and that is where I have to go to get mine. Good Luck!

    • Debra, have you tried this yet with sour cream, or Gina, do you know if this will work? I have some leftover corn on the cob that I want to try this with but plan to use sour cream. Thanks!

  3. Has anyone tried making this without the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce? Can’t find them in my little small town grocery store….do you think it would still taste allright without them?

  4. Great tip for the extra Chipotle Peppers in Adobo sauce (you never use a whole can at one time) is to freeze it flat in a ziploc bag. You can then break off what you need next time. It thaws super fast! Love the dip idea, can’t wait to try it.

      • I just made this recipe–left out a few things I didn’t have (green onion, diced chilis, garlic powder only because I misread that and used onion powder). It is still good!
        And I did just what you said—dumped my extra chipotle’s in a baggie and stuffed it in the freezer!

        I’ll make a double batch of this for our next church pitch-in.

    • I buy the big can (or 2) and puree the whole can and keep in a canning jar in the fridge. I have kept it like that for months and months without spoiling. I use about a heaping teaspoon or so per “pepper” listed in a recipe. So much easier than trying to chop a pepper from the jar. Also distributes the flavor and heat throughout the recipe.

  5. Found on Pinterest and made it tonight… Absolutely delish! Thanks so much for sharing… Easy & sooooo good!

  6. Thanks Gina. I’m getting ready to pull it out of the oven (about 10 minutes) and take it next door to a neighborhood get together on the lake. I’ll let you know what everyone thinks!

  7. I wanted to update you on how my dip turned out! It was wonderful! I was asked at least 4 four times for the recipe and my husband and his best friend couldn’t stay out of it. Thank you so much Gina!

  8. What a great recipe! I made this for a family get together and it was gone super fast! Everyone loved it and wanted the recipe! Thank you!

  9. I just found your recipe on Pinterest. I just so happen to have all the ingredients and decided to give it a try. Wow! It’s so delicious. Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe. It was a big hit!

  10. I can’t find diced “green chilies.” I can find pickled serranos and jalepenos. What exactly are “green chilies?” (I am making your recipe with the serranos–hope it works out!)

  11. Lacking something, definitely, but I’m not sure what it is. I will add ground beef or shredded chicken next time, and some taco seasoning, but also something to make it creamier. Because of how melted cheese is when it begins to cool, this needs something to keep it creamy. Cream cheese, sour cream, something. I’m not sure if taco seasoning would do it but it needs more flavor.

  12. I’m not a fan of mayo-based dips but this sounded really good! I made mine with a can of cream style corn and left out the mayo. Everything else was the same. It was wonderful – thanks for the recipe!

  13. Thank you for the recipe! I found it on pinterest and made it for my supper club. The girls loved it and have already requested that I bring it to our Christmas party 2 months from now. 🙂

  14. I made it last night. I used canned corn with chilpotle peppers in it, for some reason my store was out of the peppers in adobo sauce. I also cut up 2 mini red peppers for color. It was delicious, and DEVOURED!

  15. My friend brought this to my birthday party and I ate the majority of it. YUM. Five months later I’m making some for my coworkers. ❤

  16. Made this today for a football party. Doubled up the recipe and had a huge tray. Lots of delicious food at the party and this double recipe had only about 1 serving left! Delicious!

  17. Hi Gina!

    I found this from Pinterest and can’t wait to try it!

    Being an Aussie, I’m not familiar with all of the chipotle’s and chillies (this doesn’t bother me as just use capsicum instead – sorry, you call them peppers lol) but I’m not at all familiar with Montrey Jack cheese.

    Just wondering what kind of flavours it has so I can look for a substitute.

    Thanks so much!

  18. Found this recipe through pinterest and I am excited to make it. It sounds delish! Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to check out other recipes!

  19. For those having trouble finding diced green chilies in a can you can try looking for Rotel in the tomato can section. It has diced tomatoes, green chilis and some other seasonings that sound like they would would perfect for this. I am going to try it this evening.

  20. Hello, I found this recipe very interesting and just want to inform you that I shared it to our facebook page, And everybody liked and shared it. Hope you can find time to visit and like our page too. And also, we’re really appreciate if you can share your best food photos too. I will visit your page again and again to find more interesting food images to share to our page or you can send me a message if you have something to share. Thanks! See yah

  21. the green chillies will be with your taco stuff at the grocery store and the peppers in adobo sauce will be in the international isle.

  22. I just made this dip for our Superbowl party tonight. It was a hit. My guests were requesting the recipe. I’ll definitely be making it again, I love the flavour from the chipotle peppers.

  23. Gina!
    This was absolutely AWESOME! Just finished my last bite…
    I wanted to share with everyone that I used Queso cheese,Cheddar Jack n a lil Velveeta but everything stayed the same.
    I also had left over chicken w/black beans n used that and made it into nachos tonight, Amazing!!!!
    Thank you for sharing this recipe ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  24. I made this for a super bowl party, and people couldnt stay away from it! I doubled the receipe…left out the chipotle (because I dont like the smokiness). and substituted mexican style canned corn. Sooooo easy – it will become my signature dip, since I will bring this to every party/pot luck from now on!

  25. Just bought my ingredients and can’t wait to see if I can make it turn out like yours looks and sounds. They were out of the Chipotle peppers at Walmart (bet it’s all the Pinterest people!) so I went to Albertsons and found it instead.

      • I made it and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God! It is SO good! NOTHING I ever make on Pinterest turns out right. This was so delish! I’m making some for my Mom today too. I put it in the fridge and want to reheat it today but not sure if I should do it in the oven or microwave – do you know?

      • I’m so glad you liked it! I have always been successful with re-heating it in the microwave. If you have any extra tomatoes and green onions, you should dice some up to give it some freshness. If not, it’s good without too.

    • It can be spicy, it all depends on the amount of the chipotle peppers you use. Use half the amount called for if you like very little heat. You can turn up the heat by adding more.

  26. Made it today for Easter and it is fabulous! It has some nice heat, too. I am going to try and lighten it up a bit, as I am on Weight Watchers, but very tasty.

  27. My daughter and her boyfriend were grilling last year and we actually put it on the grill…..absolutely great…it had a smoky flavor… should try it!!!

  28. I’ve made this recipe quite a few times, and it’s always a big hit! thanks Gina!

    For everyone looking for a sub for the mayo, I make it with plain Greek yogurt and it works wonderfully. The only other change I make is to lessen the amount of chipotles I add.. my wimpy tongue can’t take it as written! 🙂
    I also saw in one of the comments that someone wanted to know what else you can serve this with besides tortilla chips… I’ve done baked pita wedges before when I ran out of chips.

  29. I do not like mayo but..made this following the directions. It is delicious!!!! Big hit at the party. Will make again soon!! 5stars

  30. Tested this recipe out yesterday. It was VERY good – my husband said he couldn’t stop eating it. I served with tortilla chips. Will definitely be making this dip for our next party.

  31. I made this last Thanksgiving for my family and they absolutly loved it. I will repeat again this year. Thank you so much for the wonderful dish

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